Finally! The days are warmer, longer, coats are shedding, foals are starting to be born and for those of us who suffer from hay fever….the long haul is only just beginning!!

However, It’s been a great start to Spring for iRide. We had our official brand launch in July, resulting in almost two full months of business to date!!! Overwhelmed with the positive feedback received from our new customers, we are honored and so appreciative.

A huge thank you to all the new iRide enthusiasts/ fashionistas that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting so far. We will be continuing to bring you the best quality, fashionable and protective clothing throughout the warmer months. We’re in the process of introducing new items into our current capsule collection which reflects Spring Fashion ( as most of our winter range is trans seasonal ).

So watch this space! and hopefully, we get to meet a lot more of our wonderful clientele out and about at our sponsored trade stalls and events.

Natalie x


“Because there’s nothing more lovely than the countryside come spring.”

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