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The Story Behind iRide

Hi iRiders! Lots of exciting things happening for us here at iRide HQ and what a ripper start to 2018 with all our sponsored riders smashing goals, repping our brand out and about, across all disciplines! YAY! AMAZING! Not to mention iRide Equestrian Apparel being featured in Hills & Hawkesbury Magazine! ( Available at Horseland […]

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SPRING IS HERE!!!  Finally! The days are warmer, longer, coats are shedding, foals are starting to be born and for those of us who suffer from hay fever….the long haul is only just beginning!! However, It’s been a great start to Spring for iRide. We had our official brand launch in July, resulting in almost two […]

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Trade Show Announcement

Hi All, We are very excited to announce that we will be offering our first Public Trade Stall at the Hunter Valley Dressage Championships on the 10TH OF SEPTEMBER!! We will offer a special promotion on the day for customers who come and see us and will walk our customers through what makes iRide so unique, we […]

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What is “iRideEQ”?

Do you get hot easily? Do you find yourself becoming bored of the same old horsie fashion trends? Do you not want to wear hot pink? vibrant purples? or boring blues? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we might just have a solution for you… iRide Equestrian Apparel The Equestrian fashion […]

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